Best Reclining Sofas – Reviews & Guide 2020

In any living room, the couches are the centerpiece. But, with reclining sofa, you sure to start having guests, who love one thing about your living room – the recliners.

Reclining sofa are meant to make you and your guest comfortable doing anything – watching TV, chatting, reading, etc.

Top 7 Reclining Sofas on the Market

Today, the market is inundated with several recliners, which makes choosing the right product for your needs challenging. And, as such, we have put together the top 7 best reclining sofas available on the market.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Reclining Sofa

This manual reclining sofa features a brilliantly simple design and a casual finishing, which everyone will find elegant and inviting. With its textured microfiber, it offers more comfort than you would have hoped. The Sofa by Ashley provides users with a padding and plush cushions craved.

What’s more, the product features a high-resiliency foam wrapped in a comfy polyester upholstery. This material cover increases the product durability and breathability. The sofa features a manual mechanism which requires users to pull a tab to get into the reclined position for better comfort.

Also, its mocha brown hue color makes a bold statement when placed in your living room. With hardware and the manufacturer’s guide, you can quickly assemble this sofa. The reclining sofa fit through any space wider than 32”. The manufacturer claims to have gone through extra miles in packaging, protecting and ensuring fast delivery.


  • Plush comfort
  • Rich finish
  • Large enough for families
  • Thick pillows top armrest
  • Polyester material cover


  • No special extras

Classic Double Reclining Loveseat – Bonded Leather Living Room Recliner

The product from Divano Roma Furniture has features a particular type of leather, an extra sturdy bonded upholstery, which prevents the sofa from tearing and ripping. It also provides users with extra comfort as it features high-density foam.

The unique design and color give it an aesthetic feeling when you place it in the living room. Also, you don’t need to worry about fitting with your home décor; its shiny black color will surely add more beauty to your home décor.

Further, it makes it easy for you to kick back and relax; thanks to the lever action mechanism for getting you in the reclined position. The product has a dimension of 56 inches L x 29 inches W x 39 inches H. This size is enough to accommodate two people and keep them comfortable.


  • The sofa features leather cover
  • Perfect for any living room
  • Small size
  • Provides comfort


  • Available in one color
  • Cannot accommodate two sitters

Coaster Home Furnishings Delange Reclining Power Sofa

This recliner combines two material covers to ensure users get maximum satisfaction, Leather and polyester. These two materials are durability, comfort and better feel against the skin.

No doubt, users stand to enjoy a high level of comfort, as the manufacturer includes adjustable headrest and storage in the armrest back. The product fit into any living room irrespective of your home décor. However, the manufacturer suggests that you keep the back of the sofa about 4 inches from the wall for full extension. Above all, this product reclines between 110 – 130 degrees and up to 67 inches in length.


  • Fit into any living room
  • Small size
  • Combines leather and polyester for better comfort
  • Adjustable headrest and storage in the back of the armrest.


  • Only available in a color

Divano Roma Furniture Classic and Traditional Dark Grey Fabric Oversize Recliner Chair, Love Seat, and Sofa

This reclining sofa from Divano Roma Furniture adds that bold statement to your living room with its classic style. The product features a soft linen fabric upholstery with a dark grey color which makes its design eye-catching and inviting.

Extra comfort is provided with its overstuffed armrests and backrest. Its size offers more room for comfortability of the sitters. For the product 3 seaters, there is a double recliner except for the middle seat. The manufacturer provides all instructions and hardware needed to assemble this sofa.


  • Minor assembling required
  • Overstuffed back and armrest for comfortability
  • Enough space for the sitter
  • Breathable fabric.


  • Available in only three seater and dark grey color
  • The product absorbs water and may rip easily if extra care is not taken.

Seatcraft Omega Home Theater Seating Leather Gel Power Recline Sofa

This powered reclining sofa comes with incredible features that make it outstanding. First, its leather gel provides you with the feel and look of high quality leather. It also adds to the durability and elegance of the sofa.

Unlike manual recliners, the product requires you to push a button and experience the next level of comfort. With a fold-down table featuring two 110V outlets, two USB charging ports and overhead light, I don’t see any sofa being better than this.

On top of that, there is in-arm storage, lighted cup holder and each table have its free tray table. Aside from its extras, this product will enhance the beauty of your room with its modern and sleek chairs.


  • Powered recliner
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Leather Gel
  • It comes with amazing extras like USB charging slot, overhead light, etc.


  • Leathers have poor breathability and tend to be sticky in hot summers.

BestMassage Recliner Sofa Leather Sofa Recliner Couch Manual Reclining Sofa Recliner Chair, Love Seat, and Sofa

This three seaters reclining sofa is set in a piece for convenience when getting it through your doorway, which must be at least 23” wide. Unlike other recliners, you don’t need any tool to set this sofa up and should not take more than 3 minutes.

This product does not eat up your wall space when reclining. You can still get a full extension even after placing the product 2 inches away from the wall. The crouch is easy to adjust and nearly put you in a horizontal position. All you are required to do is pull the switch located on the recliner lightly.

With its solid wood frame and an HD leather sponge, the user can expect a high level of comfort and support.


  • No tools needed for assembling
  • High-density leather sponge
  • Ease to use


  • Wooden frame construction may break after a while

Homelegance Nicasio Contemporary All Genuine Leather Power Reclining Sofa, Brown

An amazing sofa features high-quality leather cover, which increases its durability and comfort offered. Users can expect a dashing match with your living room décor. The product provides more comfort as sport an overstuffed cushion and low profile armrests. With no problems, users can get in a fully reclined position by using its powerful reclining system.


  • Overstuffed cushion and low-profile armrest
  • Covered with leather
  • Powerful reclining system
  • Elegant design


  • Leather may get sticky during sunny days
  • Poor breathability

Best Reclining Sofa Review – Buyer’s Guide

After taking a detailed review of the best seven reclining sofas available in the market, how to choose the very best that suit your needs in the living room becomes the next question.

Deciding the ideal reclining sofa to pick comes down to the buyer’s preference and needs. In this buying guide, some of the primary factors that make each reclining sofa unique will be discussed below. Also, what you need to look out for when purchasing such a product will be covered.

Working Process of a Reclining Sofa

Reclining sofas have one mechanism which differentiates it from other couches in the living room. The sofa can recline the back while raising the footrest upward. This unique feature allows users to shift from a sitting position in an upright state to an almost flat position allowing you to prop your head up with the headrest.

Types of Reclining Sofa

Reclining sofa comes in two distinct forms – powered and manual.

#Manual reclining sofa

This sofa is a prevalent type of reclining sofa, whose working process has to do with a pull or push of button or tab, often found at the ends of the couch.

Manual recliners do not offer users a chance of adjusting the preferred level. To wit, they only have a degree – nearly flat. You are in no control of how reclined the sofa should be.

#Powered reclining sofa

These recliners make use of a motor device, which slowly lifts or reclines you as you instruct with the aid of a remote control or a built-in control sets. This reclining sofa allows you to determine how raised or recline down you want to be. The powered reclining sofa provides the ultimate control as you fine-tune the preferred recline angle.

Reclining Positions

Reclining sofas are designed with different purposes and reclining positions. Some products recline the entire body, feet and back, keeping only the base sit in the same place. Other products raise the feet, which some people may prefer to sitting entirely upright.

However, for those looking for a sofa that can support an afternoon nap will go for a couch that reclines from the back. Also, feet-only recliners are an ideal choice for people with a small living room, and full recliners require more space to be full extended.

Size Factor

This factor is significant when choosing a recliner. You need to purchase a reclining sofa that would work with the number of people at home. The product should be able to work with the number of people in your family, some frequent guests and many more. You have to put all this into consideration to ensure the reclining sofa fits the size of people looking to using this sofa.

Another factor to put in consideration the size of the sofa is whether or not it will work with your living room space. The reclining sofa should fit into your living room space comfortably and also with more space to extend when reclined.

Furthermore, you should be aware that sofa shipped in fewer pre-assembled parts will need a large door and full path to fit through down to your living room.

Build and Cover Materials

In a reclining sofa, there are two aspects in the construction needing more attention – the frame and the cover. The outer cover’s material defines the reclining sofa style and comfort. So, pay detailed attention to the kind of upholstery used on the reclining sofa.


One of the favorites material covers is leather. It has an elegant style, soft, comfy feeling against the skin, and offers more durability. Sadly, the material is very pricey, so manufacturers make uses of substitutes materials such as DuraBlend, a faux leather. However, both materials have poor breathability and can be sticky during sunny days.


This material is another sought-after material because it offers comfort, more breathability, and durability, yet still at an affordable price.

#Linen Fabric

This material provides comfort, better breathability and soft against the skin. The rationale behind its rarity is because it gets stain easily and may not be as durable as other materials discussed above.


The frame is a significant part of the sofa and helps determine if a couch will be durable or not. Each manufacturer has its unique frame construction. Most sofa comes with footrest and back reinforced using high-quality metals which process extra firm support and increases its durability.

Extra Features to Consider

This factor depends on your needs and preference. Sofa comes with different added features like storage space located in the arm, cupholders and many more can be handy.

Some sofa goes beyond expectation and provides additional features like a charging station, adjustable headrest, USB charging ports and LED lighting placed above the head. These extras may be handy but also add to the price of such a sofa.

Durability and Warranty

You can determine how durable a reclining sofa is by taking a look at the cover materials and frame. Some sofa makes use a metal frame to provide more support and ensure its durability irrespective of the weight group that makes use of it. Nevertheless, always make use of the customer reviews to give you a real-time review by customers of what you might experience when you purchase the product.

Faux leather or leather are usually the very durable material for covering the sofa and don’t quickly get stained, unlike fabric. Fabric linen and others need extra care for them not to rip and they often get stained and smelly over time.

Padding is another durability factor you need to consider. You can always refer to the customer reviews and see if anyone has complained about poor indents forming or a developed rumpled look.

A warranty helps protect you from poor products – faulty electronics, mechanical parts, etc. and you can quickly return the product for a full refund. However, not all manufacturer offers a warranty. Therefore, ensure you check out the product warranty before purchasing especially for powered recliners.

While manual reclining sofa does not quickly develop a mechanical fault like powered recliners, it is paramount that you take advantage of the warranty should any defect occurs in the frame or somewhere else.